24 Super Easy Service Ideas for Kids

Today on Instagram I shared about our family’s advent calendar, made by my mom when I was a kid. From December 1st till Christmas, my boys get to pull out a different piece to add to the full manger scene — finishing on December 24 with a tiny, felt Baby Jesus.  I love this tradition SO much!

24 Super Easy Service Ideas for kids

We do a little something extra, too. I also like to add a tiny slip of paper in each pocket with some type of service they can do that day (another idea from my mom). I use the same slips of paper every year with the same service ideas to keep it simple — this isn't about doing something big and complicated, just something small to daily drive home our family’s goal to celebrate Christmas by trying to do good like Jesus did. We’re also participating in the Light the World campaign where you do something kind every week in December, so these little activities keep us on track there too!

Our service ideas are SUPER simple — some take a bit more effort than others, but all can be completed that day with little to no preparation. And the boys LOVE doing their good deeds.

If you’d like to try some of these activities with your family, here’s our list of all 24 super easy service ideas for kids:

  •  Help Mom with dinner

  • Read a Christmas book to your brother

  • Sit by someone new at school

  • Take hot chocolate to the school crossing guards

  • Read a scripture about Jesus (Luke 2 is a great place to start!)

  • Give a toy to someone who needs one

  • Set the table without being asked

  • Watch a video about Jesus (we love these short ones!)

  • Do a good deed for a neighbor

  • Wave at every car you see

  • Pick up any trash you see today

  • Write a thank you note for the mailman

  • Draw a picture for Dad

  • Pay for the car behind you at the drive-thru (this one is our favorite!)

  • Give mom & dad an extra hug and kiss

  • Tell God why you’re thankful for Jesus

  • Make your sibling’s bed

  • Clean up your toys

  • Draw a picture for a friend

  • Play with a sibling

  • Call Grandma & Grandpa to say hello

  • Find a house in your neighborhood with great Christmas lights and leave them a note

  • Put change in a Salvation Army bucket

  • Mail a Christmas note to a cousin or long-distance friend

This tradition has made our holiday season so much more meaningful, and our whole family looks forward to it every year. If you’ve got ideas for other easy service ideas, leave them in the comments! We’re always looking for new ones. xo